SeaBunnies Rabbitry

SeaBunnies SB251 GC Brody  25 legs Sire: SeaBunnies GC SB163  Oliver; Dam Seabunnies GC SB150

French Lop Bucks

Dole's Gibby LAD59 Reg/2 Legs                                         Sire: Eden's 4CS2 Dam: Eden's 18A1 (35 legs)


SB196  Chestnut Agouti Sire: LAD59 Dam SB126

SeaBunnies SB230 "Albert" 

DOB: 11/2/12 

Sire: SeaBunnies SB163 "Oliver Twist"

Dam: SeaBunnies  SB114 "Ohio Escape"- Mother of 2013 LRCA National and ARBA Convention BOB winners

Albert is the litter mate to the 2013 ARBA Convention BOB 

Albert is a massive buck weighing in at 15 1/2 pounds.   


SB176  Chestnut Agouti  Sire: SB129 Dam SB117   

SB163 "Oliver Twist" Broken Steel    Sire: Dole's LAD59 Dam SB109     DOB 10/21/11

SeaBunnies Bryce SB169 DOB:10/21/11  Sire: Dole's Gibby LAD59  Dam: SeaBunnies Ohio Escape SB114


SB182 Broken Steel Buck SIre: SB127 Dam: GL7Y

SeaBunnies SB251 "Brody" Reg/GC

DOB 3/17/13 

Sire: SeaBunnies Oliver Twist

Dam: SeaBunnies SB150

Love how this guy is developing.  He has tremendous depth and bone!!